Middle Distance, Relay and Fitness Coaching ….

At Fast and Fit, our Sprint/Fitness coach has over 20 years State, National and International level athletic sprinting experience.

If only it was an easy matter of reading an article like “Sprinting 101 – All you need to know about sprinting

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Kids Coaching ….

At Fast and Fit, we love coaching young budding athletes from about 8 years old and over…

Believe it or not, there is a lot of skill and technique in sprinting as fast as you in a straight line. Children love to run and are, at a basic level, pr

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Sprint Coaching …

At Fast and Fit we can provide coaching for all levels of sprinting. From 8 to 80 years old and from athletes who just want to run to lose weight or get healthy to professional athletes who are committed to achieving their best at State, National or

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Dynamic or Static Stretching ?

Dynamic Stretching or Static Stretching before physical activity ? It almost goes without saying that athletes should stretch before playing or working out. But, a surprising amount of new research is questioning that belief and challenging the notion that stretching is effective in improving performance. Surprisingly, there is little scientific evidence that supports the performance […]

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