Sprint Coaching …

At Fast and Fit we can provide coaching for all levels of sprinting. From 8 to 80 years old and from athletes who just want to run to lose weight or get healthy to professional athletes who are committed to achieving their best at State, National or International level competition.

At a session we will break the athletes sprinting technique down into many phases and work with the athlete to ensure each phase is performed at it’s optimum rate.

Very basic sprint technique

  • The head is kept level; eyes looking forward
  • The trunk and shoulders are held square to the front
  • The head and trunk are held upright
  • The feet and limbs are moved in a straight path
  • The arms are pivoted about the shoulder joint and remain bent at the elbow at approximately 90 degrees
  • The knees and feet should be “picked up”
  • Light, quick movements are used
  • Relaxed motion
  • A generally coordinated, rhythmical action is required

An example of just some of the 100m race aspects we work on.

Race Day Preparation

What to eat and when to eat it.
Mental Fitness and Psychology

Pre-race start

Warm-up and Drill routines
Positioning of the blocks
Correct Starting techniques (Upright, 3 point or Blocks)

Take your mark

Feet position in the blocks
Leg angles in the blocks
Back and head angles in the blocks
Finger positions behind the line
Hands positioning
Arm position and angle
Mental focus
Remain relaxed


Fight or Flight mode
Hip and Back angles
Head position

Bang !!!

Arm movements
Leg movements
Feet land positions
Launch body position and angle

Drive Phase (0-30m)

Feet landing position
First 10m, the body angle should move from approximately 45° to 30°
Eyes looking down at the track
Forward lean of the body
Head, Face and Shoulder muscles to be relaxed
Arm movements and Elbow angle
Hand position
Powerful leg push to build speed as quickly as possible
By 30m should be about 90% of full speed

Stride Phase (30-60m)

Eyes no focus straight ahead
Head, Face and Shoulder muscles to be relaxed
Straight back
Arm movements and Elbow angle
Hand position
Powerful but more relaxed leg push to continue building speed
By 60m should be at full speed

Cruise Phase (>60m)

High knees
Relaxed high speed legs to maintain speed
Arm movements
Foot land position should be on balls of feet
Body angle
Elbow drive
Tall running action
Leg movement should seem effortless and efficient

Across the line (100m)

Body position
Chest first across line
Full speed across the line
Relaxed pull up